Romanticism and the Periodical in the Long Eighteenth Century, 27th-29th July 2009, University of Hertfordshire, St Alban's UK

Keynote Speakers:

Greg Dart (London University)
Lynda Pratt (Nottingham University)
John Strachan (Northumbria University)

Although the study of periodical culture is the focus of increasing scholarly interest, the important literary and historical role played by periodicals before the Victorian period has so far been underexamined. This conference will bring together work in this area with the general aim of interrogating conventional periodizations of British cultural life from 1700 to 1840, and in particular of investigating whether the study of periodical culture lends support to the proposed alternative of a "Romantic Century". Areas of interest might include: provincial enlightenments, Joseph Priestley, Romantic journalism, reviewing practices, literature and science, the Quarterly and Edinburgh Reviews, the Gentleman's Magazine, Samuel Johnson, the cultural influence of Addison and Steele, anthologies and magazines, Anna Barbauld, dissenting culture, women's writing, Robert Southey, radicalism, the Black Dwarf, William Hazlitt, print culture, history of the book, publishing and bookselling, William Cobbett, Blackwood's Magazine, early Dickens, Cockney culture.

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