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British Association for Romantic Studies - BARS - Other Seminars

Welcome to BARS

The British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS) was set up in 1989 by academics to promote the study of the cultural history of the Romantic period. Since then, BARS has organised eight International conferences at various locations in the UK, has published the BARS Bulletin and Review twice-yearly, and currently has more than 350 members.

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North Western Long Eighteenth-Century Seminar

Programme for 2007-8

Venue: John Rylands Library, Deansgate, Manchester (map: http://www.library.manchester.ac.uk/media/media,9539,en.pdf)
Time: 3.30 start (tea from 3 in the library cafe), 5pm finish, followed by drinks and dinner. All welcome.

3 October 2007
Bill Stafford, University of Huddersfield
'The representation of masculinities in the Gentleman's Magazine, 1785-1815'

21 November 2007
Karen Harvey, University of Sheffield
‘Ritual Encounters: Reconstructing Male Homosociability in the Eighteenth Century’

30 January 2008
Murray Pittock, University of Glasgow
'The Jacobite Army in 1745: tactics, organization and arms'

5 March 2008
Katrina Navickas, University of Edinburgh
‘Moors and fields in popular protest in the north of England, 1760-1848’

23 April 2008
Dan Szechi, University of Manchester
‘Retrieving Captain Le Cocq's Plunder: Plebeian Scots and the Aftermath of the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion’

4 June 2008
David Worrall, Nottingham Trent University
‘The Representation of the Islamic World on the British and American Stage’

14 March 2008

Teaching and Learning the Long Eighteenth Century

A Day Conference at the Centre for Excellence in Enquiry-Based Learning, University of Manchester. Further details (including call for papers and booking information) at the History Subject Centre website, at: www.hca.ltsn.ac.uk/history

For a map of the campus, see http://www.manchester.ac.uk/visitors/travel/

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