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Carol Ann Duffy and the Romantics: Keats-Shelley Prize 2015

By annamercer90


I had a wonderful evening last Tuesday (21st April) when I was invited to attend the Keats-Shelley Awards at St. Martin-in-the-fields, Trafalgar Square, London.

The event included a speech and poetry reading by the poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy. She read many incredibly moving poems, including ‘Water’, about her late mother.

However, the poem I found most powerful was Duffy’s tribute to the people of Liverpool and the Hillsborough disaster. The drive and power behind this poem is something P B Shelley himself surely would have agreed to be the true purpose of poetical vision and passion. The deaths of these innocent people, and the failure of the authorities to protect them, resonates in the lines of this poem: it is ‘not a matter of football, but of life’.

You can read the poem here:

I was also honoured to be awarded a prize at the ceremony. I received the runner’s up prize in the essay category for my piece ‘Beyond Frankenstein’, which discusses the collaborative literary relationship of the Shelleys. I still can’t quite believe it! Thankyou to the judges and the Keats-Shelley Memorial Association.

The winners of the poetry prize can be read online here (fantastic and fascinating poems): …read more


Blake in Photoshop (Part 1 of…)

By Eric Loy

Screenshot Blake in Photoshop JPEG 500

We’ve blogged quite a bit about our recent work creating an experimental edition of The Four Zoas. That sort of work has been on the encoding/display end of things. And while that work is ongoing, I’ve since become occupied with digital imaging and the potential editorial/archival uses for digital software, like Adobe Photoshop.

When I first sat down to a computer with some of these questions in mind, it took about five minutes to realize I needed full, lossless, high-resolution files to see anything in meaningful detail. I was able to work out a few techniques for recovering faded text (which I will blog about in the future), but some immediate questions our Rochester group had involved compressed files vs. high-resolution. So, dear reader, if you’ll permit me, today I’m going to respond to the group in blog form with some quick explanations and comparative screenshots.


The Blake Archive is, of course, a web-based archive. Accordingly, it must make the usual efficiency decisions that all websites must make in terms of balancing quality with usability (e.g. loading speeds).

For the Archive, images of all edited objects live in two basic version: archived TIFF files …read more


RIN 4: The Art of Quotation and the Miniaturized Gallery. Saturday 6 June 2015, 10 – 5pm, The House of Illustration, London

By marylshannon


The Art of Quotation and the Miniaturized Gallery. Saturday 6 June 2015, 10 – 5pm, The House of Illustration, London: Peter Otto (Melbourne), David Worrall (Roehampton/Nottingham Trent), Kate Heard (Royal Collection), Susan Matthews (Roehampton), Bethan Stevens (Sussex). Supported by the University of Roehampton and the Bibliographical Society. Organised with the assistance of House of Illustration.

Registration for this event will soon be open: details will be posted on this blog.

We will also be advertising 3 Bibliographical Society Studentships of £60 each, to assist postgraduate students with attendance. 3 spaces are reserved for the successful candidates; details of how to apply will be advertised here soon.


…read more


Podcasts available: RIN 3, ‘The Literary Galleries’, February 2015, Tate

By marylshannon

Podcasts of our third event ‘The Literary Galleries: Entrepreneurship and Public Art’, held at the Tate on February 27th 2015, are now available to listen to and to download on Vimeo here.

The programme for the symposium is downloadable from, but the speakers were:

1) Rosie Dias (Warwick), ‘Viewers, Patrons, Readers, Consumers? John Boydell’s Shakespeare Gallery and its Public’

2) Ian Haywood (Roehampton), ‘Macklin’s Poets Gallery and the age of Terror’

3) Luisa Calè (Birkbeck), ‘The Hours’

4) Frederick Burwick (UCLA), ‘Painting and Performance: Tableaux Vivants on the London Stage’

5) Martin Myrone (Tate), ‘Blake and the Limits of Illustration’

…read more


Next event—CRECS Sound & Vision, 28 Apr 2015

By Anthony Mandal Our last CRECS event for the 2014/15 session turns to the issue of entertainment. Without the benefit of Netflix and Spotify, what did our 18th-century predecessors do in their leisure time? In an age before cinema and pre-recorded music, how could you get your fix of sound and vision? Well, tonight, you can find out a […] …read more


“dance & sport in summer”: overhauling the transcription guidelines

By Laura Whitebell

Milton a poem

We’re approaching the end of semester here, and, as you all know, “summer vacation” in the wonderful world of academia doesn’t mean time off but time to actually try and get work done. Accordingly, over the last few weeks, I’ve been putting my ducks in a row and trying to organize my projects for the summer. The task at the top of my list is to update our transcription guidelines and tag set, and (hopefully) to put them into some sort of format that we can eventually make public for users of the Blake Archive. This project isn’t as snoozeworthy as it sounds: I’m actually looking forward to incorporating the transcription decisions that we’ve made over the last few years and seeing what kind of editorial rationale emerges (assuming, of course, that there has been some method to our madness).

Our current set of guidelines is based upon those created by Rachel and Ali when they worked on the edition of An Island in the Moon (the first manuscript to be published in the Archive) that lives in two separate documents. One is a sort of step-by-step guide to completing a transcription, and the other is a reference guide …read more


Registration live (and other updates)

By Anthony Mandal Following on from yesterday’s post, we’re delighted to announce that registration is now live. You can download the forms, and find out more information about the registration costs, here. We’ve also updated information about the conference banquet, so you can find fuller details about the menu here. For those of you who wish to book […] …read more


Further Details on Romantic Imprints

By Matthew Sangster

BARS 2015

The organisers have just released a slew of further details about BARS’ 2015 International Conference, Romantic Imprints, including the provisional programme, details of the costs and accommodation and information about the excursion and dinner. All this information is up on the conference website, Registration will open on April 21st.

…read more


BARS 2015: April update

By Anthony Mandal Registration forms will be available to complete and submit on 21 April 2015. In the meanwhile, we’ve provided a number of conference updates: A provisional timetable for the conference is now online, so you can see the timings. We have details of the conference registration and events costs. You can find out further information about […] …read more