Blake Camp 2015

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By Laura Whitebell

Blake America

In the world of the Blake Archive, Blake Camp is one of the highlights of the year. We talk about it as a magical place where tricky problems will be solved and difficult decision finally made, and even use it to measure time, referring to events as happening “before” or “after” Blake Camp. This year, I was going for the first time.

In his post on the history of Blake Camp, Morris explains that “there is no virtual stand-in for meeting in person.” He’s right, of course, as our weekly BAND meetings prove, but it feels very odd to prepare for a two-day meeting with people you’ve never met before. We’ve spent a lot of time emailing and skyping, but what if we don’t like each other In Real Life? What if our 3D personalities clash in a way that our 2D ones do not? Scary stuff indeed.

Of course, my worries were groundless and I was welcomed with open arms: you’ll be glad to know that 3D personalities are really basically the same as 2D ones. This is neither the time nor the place for me to join the ranks of my many compatriots who like to write …read more