CfP: Periodisation: Pleasures and Pitfalls

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Please see below for a new Call for Papers for a fascinating-sounding conference on literary periodisation, to be held at All Souls College, Oxford on the 3rd of June 2014. Clare Bucknell, one of the organisers, writes:

“We want to start an academic conversation about the categories in which scholars, critics, institutions and anthologies subdivide literary history, and we intend to scrutinise the kinds of social or disciplinary bias that underlie the boundaries of literary-historical study. We hope that the subject will be of great interest to Romantic scholars, as there are many provocative questions it might raise – for instance:

– when does ‘late eighteenth-century’ become ‘Romantic’?

– what does the institutional history of ‘the Romantic period’ say about the interests and biases of English as an academic discipline?

– are certain genres and forms conceived to be characteristic of ‘the Romantic period’? If so, why – and what does this tell us about the thinking behind periodisation?”

The full CfP is below; abstracts are due on February 1st.

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A one-day conference at All Souls College, Oxford, June 3rd 2014

Keynote Speaker: Professor James Simpson, Harvard

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