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At one with Nature? Let’s run the numbers …

What follows is a version of a collaborative paper on Romanticism, JMW Turner, Nant Peris, Looking Towards Snowdon (1799-1800)

​In eighteenth-century aesthetic theories, geology, geomorphology and physical geography are often key components of the supposed visual and emotional effect – the affective charge – of sublime or picturesque landscapes. Many Welsh sites were seen at the time as particularly productive of the sublime – that sense of being overwhelmed, physically and emotionally. Several of these Romantic sites continue to represent important tourist destinations, such as the glacially-sculpted landscapes of Snowdonia. See left for Turner’s watercolour painted during a visit in 1799, at the beginnings of modern tourism. These days, the mountain receives some 400,000 visitors a year. Geotourism, originally a Romantic phenomenon, then, is now crucial to the economy and sustainability of these regions. While tourism in Wales is clearly doing a lot of things right, Welsh Government is committed to exceed 10% tourism growth by 2020. Perhaps there’s room – with the Digital Past conference’s keyword, recalibration, in mind – to do more, and do it differently, to shift, to renovate, the visitor’s sense of relation, and connection, to spectacular Welsh landscapes and their layered histories. Which …read more