Publication Announcement – Works related to Blake’s illustrations to Robert Blair’s The Grave

By Andrea H. Everett

Alternative Design for the Title-Page of Robert Blair's The Grave: The Resurrection of the Dead

The William Blake Archive is pleased to announce the publication of fully searchable and scalable electronic editions of the following works related to Blake’s development of his illustrations to Robert Blair’s The Grave:

In addition, we are republishing the following works, previously presented in our Preview mode, to make their designs fully searchable:

    • Robert Blair, The Grave, the 1808 book listed under Commercial Book Illustrations, Designed by Blake and Engraved by Other Engravers.
    • Deaths Door, listed under Separate Plates and Plates in Series, Designed and Engraved by Blake.

Taken together, these works in a variety of media present a comprehensive overview of one of Blake’s major projects as an illustrator and exemplify his working methods as he developed rough sketches into finished water colors. The evolution of any one design can be traced via links presented under Related …read more