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The BARS Review, No. 48 (Autumn 2016)

By Matthew Sangster

The Editors are pleased to announce the publication of the 48th number of The BARS Review, the sixth available in full online through the new website. This number includes thirty reviews covering thirty-five new publications, as well as a special spotlight on works dealing with the Romantic Essayists. The list of contents below includes links to the html versions of the articles, but all the reviews are also available as pdfs. If you want to browse through the whole number at your leisure, a pdf compilation of all the reviews is available (this can be downloaded from the main review page or using the link at the foot of the list below).

The BARS Review site as a whole now includes over two hundred reviews of relatively recent publications in the field of Romantic Studies, freely available online both for people interested in particular books and as a searchable corpus that can be used to explore new developments within broader fields.

If you have any comments on the new number, or on the Review in general, we’d be very grateful for any feedback that would allow us to improve the site or the content.

Editor: Susan Valladares (St …read more