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Blogging about the blog

By Sarah Jones

It’s no secret, given Mike’s recent preview of the technical summary and tweets like this

Delighted to be shown upcoming redesigned @BlakeArchive site by Joe Viscomi, Michael Fox, Joseph Fletcher.

— Alan Liu (@alanyliu) February 10, 2016

that the Blake Archive is undergoing a top-to-bottom cosmetic and structural redesign, the kind that takes thousands of hours and elicits oohs and aahs when it’s revealed. (I’m worried that once the new site is up, the Blake Quarterly will look like a poor relation, so we may be entering a Blake site arms race. More likely, I will take the path of least resistance by trading on the journal’s connection to the archive and basking in the reflected glory.)

On a much smaller scale, BAND (Blake Archive Northern Division, the Rochester outpost of the archive) is planning to redesign this blog so that it will be closer to the aesthetic of the new site. Rachel Lee and Ali McGhee, inaugural BAND members, started the blog in 2008, initially to document their work on encoding An Island in the Moon, hence the name “The Cynic Sang.” As BAND has grown, so has the number of contributors (to …read more