“Cant and Continuities …”

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Last week, an old friend and fellow Romanticist posted an indignant “name and shame” tweet in defence of her gay friend, who’d been thrown out of a well-known chain of Irish pubs for kissing his boyfriend. It brought home to me how little, in some important respects, has changed in terms of public attitudes to same-sex relations since the Romantic period, when homosexuality was a capital offence, and when hangings of gay men were regular occurances in London, enjoyed by large, hate-filled crowds.

I saw my friend’s tweet just before going on a BBC Radio Wales arts show to talk about my new crime novel, The Cunning House, which is set in a Regency “molly house”, or gay bar, in today’s parlance. The resonances between the intolerance faced by gay men today and the and violent discrimination of the Romantic period – the supposedly polite age of John Keats and Jane Austen – struck me with such force that I mentioned the incident on the show.

I teach gender theory and Romantic masculinities at Aberystwyth University – actually, the idea for The Cunning House evolved out of a discussion about the raid …read more

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