Percy Shelley and Art: Tate Britain

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By annamercer90


Yesterday I visited Tate Britain (in Pimlico, London). I went to see the work of the Pre-Raphaelites as a study break but found some Shelley-related artwork I was otherwise unaware of…

There was the bust of Shelley…


And I had never before encountered this beautiful painting by JMW Turner, Queen Mab’s Cave. Although ‘Queen Mab’ is an allusion to a Shakespearean character, the Tate curators confirm that it is likely Turner also read P B Shelley’s epic poem Queen Mab (1813).



In 1814 Mary Shelley inscribed in her copy of Queen Mab: ‘I am thine, exclusively thine. I have pledged myself to thee and sacred is the gift’…..

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