Mary Wollstonecraft and Dissent: A Celebration

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By Emily Paterson-Morgan

Friday 24 April to Saturday 25 April, Newington Green Meeting House, London N16 9PR

Programme and
registration here: Concessions for
students and benefit recipients.

Following the success of the Celebration to mark the 260th anniversary of the
birth of the great feminist thinker Mary Wollstonecraft in April 2019, join us
for a second Celebration in April 2020, exploring the origins of her
revolutionary ideas and their continuing relevance.

We will also be celebrating the re-opening of the Newington Green Meeting
House, the oldest Non-Conformist place of worship in London. Following
extensive renovation sponsored by the National Heritage Lottery Fund, this
beautiful historic building will relaunch as an accessible heritage space
dedicated to the legacy of the Dissenters at the birthplace of feminism. Mary
Wollstonecraft established a school for girls at Newington Green in 1784, and
gained inspiration and support from activists and intellectuals settled in the
neighbourhood, including such Dissenting luminaries as Richard Price and Anna
Letitia Barbauld.

Talks and roundtable discussions will explore dissent, both in relation to the
community of religious Dissenters in Wollstonecraft’s time and as a key aspect
of feminism and progressive politics today.

There will be a new plaque in honour of Mary Wollstonecraft, the first Annual
General Meeting of …read more