Special Open Access Issue of ‘L’analisi linguistica e letteraria’ on the Shelleys in Milan

By Emily Paterson-Morgan

We are delighted to announce the online publication of a special issue of the international peer-reviewed journal L’analisi linguistica e letteraria entitled ‘The Shelleys in Milan, 1818-2018′.

Each article investigates a different aspect of the Shelleys’ Milanese experience, from their first impressions of the Italian states to the influence of this period on their artistic development. Taken as a whole, the articles in this issue demonstrate that the Shelleys’ reading, the places they visited, the encounters they made, and the cultural atmosphere they experienced in and around Milan in early 1818 left an indelible mark on their later works.

Find articles by Francesco Rognoni| Marco Canani and Valentina Varinelli | Kelvin Everest | Will Bowers | Carla Pomarè | Marco Canani | Alberto Bentoglio | Anna Anselmo | Antonella Braida | Lilla Maria Crisafulli |Michael Rossington

You can follow this link to read and download the articles for free: http://www.analisilinguisticaeletteraria.eu/fascicolo-3-2019/. No registration is required.

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Source:: http://www.bars.ac.uk/blog/?p=2888