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The British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS) was set up in 1989 by academics to promote the study of the cultural history of the Romantic period. Since then, BARS has organised eight International conferences at various locations in the UK, has published the BARS Bulletin and Review twice-yearly, and currently has more than 350 members.

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A new online resource for Romantic-Era Scholars from Alexander Street Press and Pickering & Chatto Publishers

The Romantic Era Redefined will bring academic research libraries a new, genre-redefining electronic collection of Romantic-era literature, including critical essays created exclusively for this project.

Alexander Street Press has partnered with Pickering & Chatto Publishers, the preeminent publisher of critical editions in the humanities and social sciences, to create this collection of what at completion will be more than 175,000 pages of Romantic-era writings by the most important, previously unrecognized writers from Britain, the British Empire, and North America.

Included will be poetry, prose, drama, letters, and diaries-along with political, philosophical, and sociological works.

Professor Jacqueline Labbe from Warwick University and Professor Timothy Fulford from Nottingham Trent University are editorial advisors to the project.


The release of the collection will represent the first time that Pickering & Chatto's highly acclaimed critical editions have been made available in electronic format, allowing scholars to examine the texts in new ways.
Important texts that have been long overlooked will be rediscovered, and researchers will be able to trace new interrelationships among these works.
Selected titles from Pickering & Chatto's Romanticism collection include Conduct Literature for Women, 1770-1830 (six volumes); Literature and Science (eight volumes); Works of Thomas De Quincey (twenty-one volumes); Nineteenth-Century English Labouring-Class Poets (three volumes); Parodies of the Romantic Age (five volumes); and Works of Charlotte Smith (fourteen volumes).

In addition to Pickering & Chatto's critical editions, The Romantic Era Redefined will include the only digital version of The Wordsworth Circle, the international academic journal devoted to the study of English literature, culture, and society during the Romantic era.


Editorial selection and the creation of a thesaurus of index terms designed specifically for this project took place under the guidance of an advisory board of scholars of Romantic-era literature. Alexander Street's Semantic IndexingT drives the collection's uniquely powerful search capabilities. All texts are rekeyed for full-text searching. In addition, page images of the original texts are made available whenever possible. The result is a collection that will helps scholars and students to answer research questions such as:

. How was verse satire employed in Britain between the mid 1780s and the mid 1830s?

. Who were the Bluestocking women writers and how did they aim to improve the lives of middle- and upper-class women during the eighteenth century?

. What did the term "physician" mean among writers of scientific literature published between 1660 and 1834?

. How did women writers employ the personal letter as a rhetorical device in Romantic era literature?

In addition to the primary texts themselves, the project will include critical essays, written by notable scholars for The Romantic Era Redefined.
The essays are substantial works in their own right, critical monographs that will contextualize the works for students and researchers and serve as a teaching tool for instructors.


The Romantic Era Redefined from Alexander Street Press is available from April of 2009, either through the one-time purchase of perpetual rights or via annual subscription.

To request complimentary trial access to this collection or for more information, please email sales@alexanderstreet.com or visit our Web site at http://alexanderstreet.com

Pick up a 30-day Scholar's Pass to The Romantic Era Redefined at http://alexanderstreet.com/ROMRtrial.htm

Regards to all,

Andrew Hall


Managing Director, Alexander Street Press LLP