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The British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS) was set up in 1989 by academics to promote the study of the cultural history of the Romantic period. Since then, BARS has organised eight International conferences at various locations in the UK, has published the BARS Bulletin and Review twice-yearly, and currently has more than 350 members.

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The Chawton House Library Series republishes newly-edited rare texts from the Library’s collection of over 9,000 volumes in three main strands: Novels; Travel Writings; and Memoirs. The series is published by Pickering and Chatto. For a fuller description of the series, see:  http://www.pickeringchatto.com/series/chawton_house_library. Chawton House Library / Series / Pickering and Chatto Publishers
We are seeking an editor or editors:

especially for Catherine Hutton’s three-volume Tour Of Africa, Containing A Concise Account Of All The Countries In That Quarter Of The Globe, Hitherto Visited By Europeans; With The Manners and Customs Of The Inhabitants (1819-21).

This will be the second in a two-part set, the first of which contains volumes by women travellers in North Africa and the Middle East (see Women's Travel Writings in North Africa and the Middle East / Major Works / Pickering and Chatto Publishers

We are also still seeking editors for the novels strand of the series (see http://www.pickeringchatto.com/series/chawton_house_library_women_s_novels), especially for Ann Gomersall's The Citizen (1790), and we are also happy to consider proposals for editions of other volumes in the Chawton collection. The Chawton House Library catalogue can be accessed at http://library.chawton.org/Heritage/ 

For further details or to discuss a proposal please contact either of the general editors of the series, Dr Stephen Bending (S.D.Bending@soton.ac.uk) or Dr Stephen Bygrave (S.J.Bygrave@soton.ac.uk).