Hazlitt - Stanley Jones papers in the Bodleian Library

The papers of the late Stanley Jones are now deposited at the Bodleian Library.

They consist of:
1. A day-by-day chronology of Hazlitt's life, incorporating cultural, social and political events, as well as many facts relating to his circle and associates (Godwin, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Lamb, Mackintosh, Bentham, etc);
2. An index to the Chronology;
3. A concordance and subject index to Howe (far superior to the excellent index in volume 21 of Howe's edition);
4. Various files containing notes relating to Jones's researches in libraries round the world;
5. Drafts of Jones's scholarly essays;
6. Jones's copy of Sikes's Letters of William Hazlitt, containing Jones's own index to the volume and corrections to Sikes's text and annotations.

They may be accessed at Room 132 in the New Bodleian. Before attempting to consult them, it is best to contact Colin Harris, superintendent of Room 132:

Duncan Wu
Professor of English Language and Literature
Fellow of St Catherine's College, Oxford