Journal History

The BARS Review (ISSN: 2049-7881) is the latest iteration of the BARS Bulletin & Review (ISSN: 0964-2447). The journal began with the founding of BARS in 1989, and was initially edited by Stephen Copley, Kathryn Sutherland, and John Whale. Simon Bainbridge was the second general editor, initially with Emma Clery. Jacqueline Labbe took over in 1998, introducing a new colour format that continued until the move to the online BARS Review in 2014. The other general editors were, in chronological order, Alan Rawes, Susan Oliver, and David Higgins. The reviews editors were Peter Kitson, Simon Kövesi, David O'Shaughnessy, and, most recently, Susan Valladares.  The current editor is Mark Sandy.  The technical editor is Matthew Sangster.

ISSN: 2049-7881