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No 45 (2015) Fabio A. Camilletti, Classicism and Romanticism in Italian Literature: Leopardi’s Discourse on Romantic Poetry Abstract   HTML   PDF
Maria Schoina
No 43 (2013) Ffion Mair Jones, ‘The Bard is a Very Singular Character’: Iolo Morganwg, Marginalia and Print Culture and Ffion Mair Jones, ed., Welsh Ballads of the French Revolution 1793-1815 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Stephen Colclough
No 50 (2017) Fiona Price, Reinventing Liberty: Nation, Commerce and the Historical Novel from Walpole to Scott Abstract   HTML   PDF
Simon Edwards
No 44 (2014) Fiona Stafford, Reading Romantic Poetry Abstract   HTML   PDF
Andrew Bennett
No 48 (2016) Franca Dellarossa, Talking Revolution: Edward Rushton’s Rebellious Poetics and Paul Baines, ed., The Collected Writings of Edward Rushton Abstract   HTML   PDF
Ryan Hanley
No 43 (2013) Freya Johnson and Lynda Mugglestone, eds., Samuel Johnson: The Arc of the Pendulum Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jack Lynch
No 46 (2015) Gavin Hopps, ed., Byron’s Ghosts: The Spectral, the Spiritual and the Supernatural Abstract   HTML   PDF
Anna Camilleri
No 43 (2013) General Editors: Leigh Wetherall Dickson and Allan Ingram; Volume Editors: David Walker, Anita O’Connell and Michelle Faubert, Depression and Melancholy, 1660-1800 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Monika Class
No 47 (2016) Georgina Green, The Majesty of the People: Popular Sovereignty and the Role of the Writer in the 1790s Abstract   HTML   PDF
Ian Newman
No 44 (2014) Gillian Dow and Clare Hanson, eds., Uses of Austen: Jane’s Afterlives Abstract   HTML   PDF
Richard De Ritter
No 49 (2017) Gillian Williamson, British Masculinity in the Gentleman’s Magazine, 1731 to 1815 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Caroline Gonda
No 47 (2016) Gioia Angeletti, Lord Byron and Discourses of Otherness: Scotland, Italy, and Femininity Abstract   HTML   PDF
Carmen Casaliggi
No 44 (2014) Graciela Iglesias Rogers, British Liberators in the Age of Napoleon: Volunteering under the Spanish Flag in the Peninsular War Abstract   HTML   PDF
Kevin Linch
No 43 (2013) Gregory Dart, Metropolitan Art and Literature, 1810-1840: Cockney Adventures Abstract   HTML   PDF
Thora Brylowe
No 47 (2016) Harriet Guest, Unbounded Attachment: Sentiment and Politics in the Age of the French Revolution Abstract   HTML   PDF
Joel Faflak
No 45 (2015) Harriet Kramer Linkin, ed., Selena by Mary Tighe: A Scholarly Edition Abstract   HTML   PDF
Moyra Haslett
No 48 (2016) Heather J. Jackson, Those Who Write for Immortality: Romantic Reputations and the Dream of Lasting Fame Abstract   HTML   PDF
Beatrice Turner
No 48 (2016) Helen E. M. Brooks, Actresses, Gender and the Eighteenth-Century Stage: Playing Women Abstract   HTML   PDF
Anna Louise Senkiw
No 48 (2016) Helen P. Bruder and Tristanne Connolly, eds., Sexy Blake Abstract   HTML   PDF
Susan Matthews
No 45 (2015) Helen P. Bruder and Tristanne J. Connolly, eds., Blake, Gender and Culture Abstract   HTML   PDF
Nicholas M. Williams
No 43 (2013) Helena Bergmann, A Revised Reading of Mary Hays’ Philosophical Novel Memoirs of Emma Courtney (1796) and Judith Thompson, John Thelwall in the Wordsworth Circle: The Silenced Partner Abstract   HTML   PDF
Miriam L. Wallace
No 48 (2016) Henry Stead, A Cockney Catullus: The Reception of Catullus in Romantic Britain, 1795-1821 Abstract   HTML   PDF
David Wray
No 45 (2015) Ian Haywood, Romanticism and Caricature Abstract   HTML   PDF
Richard A. Gaunt
No 48 (2016) Ina Ferris, Book-Men, Book Clubs, and the Romantic Literary Sphere Abstract   HTML   PDF
James M. Morris
No 50 (2017) J. A. Downie, ed., The Oxford Handbook of the Eighteenth-Century Novel Abstract   HTML   PDF
Natasha Simonova
No 44 (2014) J. H. Alexander with P. D. Garside and Claire Lamont, eds., Walter Scott, Introductions and Notes from the Magnum Opus Abstract   HTML   PDF
Kang-yen Chiu
No 47 (2016) Jack DeRochi and Daniel J. Ennis, eds., Richard Brinsley Sheridan: The Impresario in Political and Cultural Context Abstract   HTML   PDF
James Kelly
No 48 (2016) Jacqueline Mulhallen, Percy Bysshe Shelley: Poet and Revolutionary Abstract   HTML   PDF
Josefina Tuominen-Pope
No 48 (2016) James Grande, William Cobbett, the Press and Rural England: Radicalism and the Fourth Estate Abstract   HTML   PDF
Alex Benchimol
No 44 (2014) James Grande, John Stevenson and Richard Thomas, eds., The Opinions of William Cobbett Abstract   HTML   PDF
John Gardner
No 49 (2017) James Mulholland, Sounding Imperial: Poetic Voice and the Politics of Empire, 1730-1820 and Evan Gottlieb, Romantic Globalism: British Literature and Modern World Order, 1750-1830 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Juan Luis Sánchez
No 46 (2015) James Noggle, The Temporality of Taste in Eighteenth-Century British Writing and Ashley Chantler, Michael Davies and Philip Shaw, eds., Literature and Authenticity, 1780-1900 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Matthew Scott
No 43 (2013) James Vigus, ed., Informal Romanticism Abstract   HTML   PDF
James Grande
No 46 (2015) Jane Darcy, Melancholy and Literary Biography, 1640-1816 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Anita O'Connell
No 45 (2015) Jasper Cragwall, Lake Methodism: Polite Literature and Popular Religion in England, 1780-1830 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Colin Jager
No 44 (2014) J.C.C. Mays, Coleridge’s Experimental Poetics Abstract   HTML   PDF
Christopher Stokes
No 45 (2015) Jean-Luc Guichet, ed., La Question sexuelle. Interrogations de la sexualité dans l'œuvre et la pensée de Rousseau Abstract   HTML   PDF
Darach Sanfey
No 45 (2015) Jeffery W. Vail, ed., The Unpublished Letters of Thomas Moore Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jane Moore
No 48 (2016) Jeffrey N. Cox, Romanticism in the Shadow of War: Literary Culture in the Napoleonic War Years Abstract   HTML   PDF
Kenneth R. Johnston
No 49 (2017) Jennifer Jesse, William Blake’s Religious Vision: There’s a Methodism in His Madness Abstract   HTML   PDF
Keri Davies
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