BARS Digital Events Series 2020/21 – Call for Contributions

By Anna Mercer

The British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS) would like to formally launch its BARS Digital Events 2020/21 series. We envisage the BARS Digital Events Series to be broad-ranging and we hope it will reflect the interests of our members. The series draws upon the collaborative spirit of the Romantics, fostering a convivial atmosphere through discussions of literature, history and culture. Through scholarly roundtables and Q&A sessions, the series will review what Romanticism means, recent developments in the field, and consider how it is still relevant today. The discussions will not just celebrate Romantic writing but will invite participants to turn a critical eye on established historical narratives and the study of our period in general.

To launch our series, we have planned three roundtables entitled ‘Perspectives on the Field’, ‘Digital Editions’, and ‘Teaching Romanticism’. Following these, we are gladly opening up the call for contributions.

The Digital Events committee invites proposals from scholars of the Romantic period to present an individual paper or a curated roundtable session as part of this BARS Digital Events Series. These proposals will be to feature in the 2021 series. We envisage the first 2021 session to be in late January or early February. From then …read more