LONG POST: The First Anniversary of the Shelleys’ Elopement 1815

By annamercer90

William Powell Frith, 'The Lover's Seat: Shelley and Mary Godwin in Old St Pancras Churchyard'

Romanticism Exactly 200 Years Ago: On This Day in 1815

The post below was originally written for the BARS blog. Welcome to a new series of posts on the BARS Blog. We have been inspired to create this series following the popularity on Twitter of the ‘OnThisDay’ hashtag, featured by the accounts @1815now and @Wordsworthians. As we reach the bicentenaries of many Romantic events, we want to present a catalogue of #OnThisDay blog posts that relate to events happening exactly 200 years ago. The premise of the blog is to give readers a snapshot of 1815 in 2015 (and on into 2016 and beyond!), relevant to that month or even that particular day. We will welcome contributions to this as 1815 and subsequent years mark many interesting milestones in the history of Romanticism. In the post below on the 28th July, we begin with the Shelleys…28th July 1815 – The First Anniversary of the Shelleys’ Elopement In July 1815, after a summer tour of Devon, Mary Godwin (the future Mary Shelley) remained in the Clifton area of Bristol while Percy Shelley went to London in search of a house. On the 27th July, Mary (who was …read more

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