Five Questions: Jacques Khalip on Last Things

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By Matthew Sangster

Jacques Khalip is Professor of English at Brown University. His research interests include Romanticism, critical theory, photography and queer theory; he has recently published work on William Blake, Michel Foucault, Percy Shelley and ‘The Last Animal at the End of The World’. He is the author of Anonymous Life: Romanticism and Dispossession (Stanford UP, 2009); his editorial projects include Constellations of a Contemporary Romanticism (with Forest Pyle; Fordham UP, 2016), Minimal Romanticism (with David L. Clark; Romantic Circles Praxis, 2016), Romanticism and Disaster (with David Collings; Romantic Circles Praxis, 2012) and Releasing the Image: From Literature to New Media (with Robert Mitchell; Stanford UP, 2011). His most recent monograph, which we discuss below, is Last Things: Disastrous Form from Kant to Hujar, published by Fordham University Press in 2018 as part of the Lit Z series.

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