The Keats Letters Project Presents: Weep for Adonais

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By Emily Paterson-Morgan

The KLP is excited to announce our 23 February event to commemorate the bicentennial of Keats’s death: “Weep for Adonais: A Collaborative Reading of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Elegy for John Keats.” Join us via Zoom at 11 pm Rome local time, 10 pm GMT, 5 pm EST.

Why “11 pm Rome local time,” you ask? That’s the time on 23 Feb 1821, according to Joseph Severn’s account, that Keats died in Severn’s arms. (Sure, time zones weren’t yet regularized in 1821, but we’ll act as if they were). Use this link to pre-register here.

We’ll share more information about “Weep for Adonais” as the event date nears, including who will be some of our readers for the event. For now, mark it on your calendar, register for the event, and prepare for the fiery tears and loud hearts (which won’t be quenched or muted).

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