CFP: Wordsworth-Coleridge Association at MLA 2022

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By Emily Paterson-Morgan

Modern Language Association Convention, Washington DC, January 6-9, 2022

The Wordsworth-Coleridge Association is an Allied Organization of the Modern Language Association that meets annually during the MLA Convention. Along with an annual festive lunch, the Wordsworth-Coleridge Association is allowed to propose up to two scholarly sessions. For the MLA Convention in Washington DC, proposals are invited on the following topic: Romanticism and Data.

What was “data” — and what were data — in the Romantic era? According to the OED, a “datum” is “an item of (chiefly numerical) information, esp. one obtained by scientific work,” and “something given or granted; something known or assumed as fact, and made the basis of reasoning,” both senses being in use during the period. This call is open to: different kinds of data (e.g., bibliographic, colonial, demographic, fiscal, historical, industrial, literary, personal, scientific, sensory, slave trade); techniques, media, forms, and formats of datafication; data collection projects from the period, big and small; critiques of data and dataveillance; Romantic epistemologies, epistemological hierarchies, facts, truth, and negative capabilities; documentalities, informational genres, information management, and categorizations; computational approaches (paper or electronic) to Romantic-era texts or Romantic studies over the years. Papers that explore the relationship between literature and data …read more