Hannah More and Material Culture: Call for Papers

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By Emily Paterson-Morgan

A Digital Conference, 24-5 June 2021

Hannah More, one of the most prominent intellectual figures of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, left multiple material traces of her work and activities. From the buildings that housed her Sunday Schools across the Mendips, to the 1,800 surviving letters written by her in her lifetime, to the thousands of inscriptions and autographs written by her in fans’ books, to the copious knitting she produced for friends and loved ones, to the boards holding her poetry in country estates in the south west, a wealth of material evidence has survived. Little has been examined, however, or enjoyed the sort of sustained and serious investigation increasingly offered to material cultures of the eighteenth century by critics including Chloe Wigston Smith, Jennie Batchelor, Maddie Pelling, Freya Gowrley, Elizabeth Eger, Nicole Pohl, Amanda Vickery and others.

This conference, which will be held using digital technologies and platforms, seeks to address this significant gap in More scholarship and it looks to do so by taking advantage of the benefits offered by digital conferencing over face-to-face events. Therefore, contributors are explicitly invited to consider the ways in which they might make use of digital technology to make more visible, …read more

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