BARS Digital Events: Geo & Eco Criticism – Returning to Romantic Italy

By Anna Mercer

In collaboration with CISR (Inter-University Centre for the Study of Romanticism)


Gioia Angeletti (Chair)

Serena Baiesi; Paolo Bugliani; Lilla Maria Crisafulli; Diego Saglia; Elena Spandri.

Geo & Eco-Criticism: Returning to Romantic Italy

15 April 2021

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Our roundtable aims to open up a discussion about the benefits to be derived, in Romantic studies, from an intersection of the methods and approaches of geo-criticism and eco-criticism. On the one hand, we take our bearings from positions, such as Kate Rigby’s, that focus on the natural world as a dynamic, active dimension enabling all cultural production, which in turn bears traces of its more-than-human genesis. On the other, we intend to suggest that geo-criticism, as developed by Bertrand Westphal and others, stresses the crucial importance of considering the geographical specificities of Romantic-era engagements with ecosystems, and more particularly how such engagements are inextricably bound up with notions of geo-politics and geo-culture (the nation, borders and boundaries, economic geographies, north vs south, the national character). Indeed, geo-criticism opens us specific insights into how literature can translate the experience of places into a critique of predominant modes of construction of reality.

Since the notions of space and place are constantly shifting (the former encompassing conceptual …read more