Five Questions: Pamela Clemit on The Letters of William Godwin

By Matthew Sangster

Pamela Clemit is Professor of English at Queen Mary University of London and a Supernumerary Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford. She has published widely on the literature and culture of the Romantic period, particularly the politics, upheavals, fictions and fallouts of the 1790s. She has produced a series of major editions of novels, plays, life writing and other works by authors including Mary Shelley, Elizabeth Inchbald and – most prominently – William Godwin. Her most recent publications include an essay on Romantic-period letter writing as a social practice; a co-authored piece publishing some newly discovered letters by Charlotte Smith; and a co-authored study of Godwin’s citations. Her current research project, which we discuss below, is a pioneering six-volume edition of the Letters of William Godwin. The first two volumes were published by Oxford University Press in 2011 (1778-1797) and 2014 (1798-1805); work is well advanced on the next two volumes. She has a website and can also be found on Twitter: @Godwin_lives.

1. How did you first become interested in William Godwin?

It was my brother’s fault. He was writing an MA thesis on Balzac and the …read more