Anti-Racist Pedagogies for 18th and 19th- Century Studies: A Teach-in

By Emily Paterson-Morgan

Dr Kerry Sinanan & Prof. Kirsten T. Saxton
In collaboration with the Department of English, UTSA, Mills College Center For Faculty Excellence, and the Early Caribbean Society
Wednesday 26th May 2021 (CST Time)

This teach-in gives us the opportunity to engage scholarship on anti-racist pedagogy and to share our syllabi, texts, methods, and questions. We continue to teach under the duress of an ongoing global pandemic that has disproportionate effects on Black, Latina/x, Asian, Jewish, and Native American communities. Violence against racialized and structurally disadvantaged people deeply effects us and our students. We will consider the following:

  • Beyond mere inclusivity, how do we need to adapt our pedagogy and our syllabi to serve anti- racist and anti-colonial pedagogic goals?
  • How do we give the histories and literatures of slavery, race, and Indigenous cultures more than a nominal presence on our courses?
  • How can we show how racialized identities intersect with disability, gender, and class in our teaching?
  • How can we reorient often required white-authored syllabi to address the question of systemic whiteness?
  • How can we best prepare and support ourselves, and our students, as we navigate this demanding yet necessary terrain?

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