#Shelley200: Epipsychidion Roundtable Recording

By Emily Paterson-Morgan

We are delighted to present the recording of our first #Shelley200 event, an Epipsychidion roundtable chaired by Dr Bysshe Inigo Coffey and featuring Dr Will Bowers, Professor Stuart Curran, Professor Michael Rossington, and Dr Valentina Varinelli.

This event was livestreamed on 20th May 2021 and includes an open Q&A with the audience following our speakers’ brilliant discussion of the poem, first published anonymously in May 1821. Along with the recording, we are pleased to include a summary of the event composed by Shelley Conference Postgraduate Helper, Laura Blunsden. More here.

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Source:: https://www.bars.ac.uk/blog/?p=3694