Keats House online event: ‘Keats V Shelley’

By Emily Paterson-Morgan

23 July, 5pm BST

‘The Feast of the Poets’ was a poem written by Leigh Hunt, first published in 1811. The poem took a satirical swipe at poets good and bad and was later republished along with an introduction and notes, speculating on the future reputations of what became the British Romantic Poets.

Each month we’ll assemble an informed panel to explore matters of the moment ‘from a principle of taste’, so join us for #FeastOfThePoets.

Joining us in July, to discuss the relative merits and reputations of Keats and Shelley, are: Dr Amanda Blake Davis, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Sheffield; Deborah Lam, PhD Researcher in Romantic and Nineteenth-Century Literature and Art, University of Bristol; Dr Anna Mercer, Lecturer in English Literature (Romanticism), Cardiff University.

Details and tickets here.

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