CFP: Romanticism and Environmental Humanities

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By Emily Paterson-Morgan

Abstracts are invited for a new special issue of Studies in Romanticism planned for Spring 2023, “Romanticism and Environmental Humanities,” guest edited by Noah Heringman (University of Missouri).

Since the publication in this journal of a special issue on Green Romanticism (1996), edited by Jonathan Bate, scholars working at the intersection of Romanticism and environmental humanities have been increasingly influenced by the global scale of scholarship and activism in the areas of postcolonial studies, climate change, and environmental justice.

One particular focus of this issue will be traditional ecological knowledge (TEK). Global “natures,” as Alan Bewell has called them, have become increasingly visible as scholars have rediscovered traditional ecological knowledge from various parts of the world as reported and remediated in publications generated by the voyages of Captain James Cook, Alexander von Humboldt, and others. We particularly welcome essays exploring the transformations that arise from encounters between competing forms of natural knowledge—settler-colonial and indigenous, urban and rural, or scientific and literary, among others. On a different level, TEK intersects with ecocriticism as an embodied practice pursued by scholars working in different situations in different parts of the
world today.

We welcome abstracts for full-length scholarly articles tracking literary engagements with traditional ecological …read more