On This Day: Elizabeth Inchbald (1753-1821)

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By Jack Orchard

1796 Portrait of Elizabeth Inchbald by Thomas Lawrence.

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Elizabeth Inchbald passed away on 1 August 1821. Today we mark the bicentennial of her death with a blog post on her works by Rose Hilton. Rose is an English Literature PhD Student funded by the Vice Chancellor’s Studentship at Sheffield Hallam University. Her research focuses on the works of eighteenth-century British female playwrights, and the constructions and presentations of selfhood in their plays. Using a selection of four playwrights spanning the mid-late eighteenth century (Griffith, More, Inchbald, and Baillie), her research applies close reading to the play texts and contextualises contemporary ideas of self using medical and philosophical writing from the same period. She is vice-president and secretary of the SHU postgraduate society and co-organiser of the annual Earth(ly) Matters conference taking place this year 6th/13th/20th August (free registration now open!). She would love to share memes with you on Twitter @RoseMHilton.

I stumbled onto the work of Elizabeth Inchbald (née Simpson) about three years ago when selecting female playwrights for inclusion in my thesis. Inchbald stood out because …read more

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