CFP: Nineteenth Century Strata

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By Emily Paterson-Morgan

Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Conference

March 24-27, 2022

Salt Lake City, Utah

Held in a region of rich fossil beds, towering crags, plunging canyons, and snow-capped mountains, the 2022 INCS Annual Conference in Salt Lake City will dig deep into questions about stratification – physical and social, spatial and temporal, visual and textual. We invite papers that consider the myriad varieties of literal and figurative layering that played out across the nineteenth century. This conference will foreground how exploratory and creative acts of digging down and building up expose new truths and generate new knowledge both in the nineteenth century and in our present work as scholars of the period. Please join us in our transdisciplinary and interconnected investigations into what lies below, above, and on the surface.

Papers might address:

• Class Interaction, Wealth Distribution
• Race and Racial Uplift
• Layering and Bending Gender and Sexuality
• Social Climbing, Passing, Transvestivism
• Family Trees and Generational Conflict
• Descent and Breeding
• Secrets and Skeletons in the Closet
• Memory and the Subconscious
• Food Chain, Foodways, and Cookery
• Fads and Fashions
• Disability and Access
• Geology, Deep Time, the Longue Durée
• Evolution and “Lower” Animals
• Taxonomy and Classification
• Museum Display and Public Spectacle
• Archeology and Paleontology
• Exploration, Excavation, and Exhumation
• Horticultural …read more