A List of Resources on Racial Justice in the Romantic Period and Beyond

By Anna Mercer

This list, produced by the BARS Executive Committee, will share potential resources for anti-racist teaching and research in Romantic period studies. It is by no means complete or comprehensive, and the main priority in producing this blog post is to invite members, friends and followers of BARS to send us their suggestions for further items we can also help to promote and share. To do so, please contact Anna Mercer (BARS Communications Officer).

Thank you.

You can read about the actions the BARS President and Executive will be taking to support BAME members, colleagues and researchers in our statement of 12 June 2020.

Black Lives Matter.

Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Studies

ASECS: Resources for Teaching Anti-Racism and Eighteenth-Century Studies

Bigger6 Collective. ‘Formed in 2017 to challenge structural racism in the academic study of Romanticism. We are literary and cultural critics whose commitment to antiracist and anticolonial politics grounds our study of the global 18th and 19th centuries and their long (after)lives.’ Also their resource list.

BAVS: Black Lives Matter, Starting Points for the Victorianist

The History of Slavery and Black Lives Matter: A List of Resources from The International Slavery Museum

Bristol and the …read more

Source:: https://www.bars.ac.uk/blog/?p=3864