BARS Digital Events – Zany Romanticism, Online Roundtable, 18 November 2021, 17.00-18.30

By Jack Orchard

The first event in our new season of BARS Digital Events 2021-22. As the field of Romanticism in the past few decades has broadened to allow more comedy into understandings of it, we believe it’s time for an increasing sophistication in our attention to comedy, including to its particular manifestations and embodiments, including in the zany. Building on the work of other scholars who’ve illuminated our sense of Romantic satire, theater, and other comic writing, this roundtable will focus on Zany Romanticism drawing greater attention to the ways that Romantic writers understand aesthetic production as a tense commingling of “artful play” and “affective labor.” More broadly, a commitment to examining Zany Romanticism helps bring into greater view more of the period’s various “beset agents” and their forms of often ignored or unrecognized labor.

Our speakers will be Brian Rejack (Illinois State), Rebecca Schneider (Fort Lewis College), Kate Singer (Mount Holyoke), and Michael Theune (Illinois Wesleyan University).

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