Stephen Copley Research Report: Jordan Welsh in Oxford

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By Anna Mercer

The next deadline for applying for a Copley Award is 15 December. Please see details of how to apply here.

The following report is by Jordan Welsh, PhD Candidate at the University of Essex.

The prospect of any research trip during the COVID-19 pandemic seemed like a distant dream back in February 2021 when I was awarded the Stephen Copley Research Award. I had proposed to use the award to travel to Oxford in order to undertake research at various sites across the University and the city. My PhD thesis focuses on the Romantic and Victorian periods, with a particular emphasis on nature and religion in the works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Christina Rossetti, and Gerard Manley Hopkins. My trip to Oxford was an attempt to understand more about the High Anglican Oxford Movement who I have been using to tie my three central writers together.

After much waiting and a lot of email exchanges, I was granted permission to access the archives of Keble College. The college’s collection provide a wealth of papers, letters and documents relating not just to John Keble (one of the key figures of the Oxford Movement) but also other significant individuals including John Henry …read more