*Week 2 – Additional Romantic Realignments Seminar*

By Katherine Fender

Professor David Bromwich (Yale University) – ‘Romanticism, Justice, and the Idea of the Nation’

Wednesday 23 October, 5:15pm, Seminar Room A, St Cross Building

We’re delighted to welcome Professor David Bromwich from Yale University this week, who has very kindly agreed to speak at Romantic Realignments while he is here in Oxford giving the Clarendon Lectures.

Ahead of Wednesday’s seminar, David has provided a short list of readings for those who would like to consider some – or all – of the main texts we’ll be focusing on during the session:

– Richard Price, Discourse on the Love of our Country
– William Hazlitt, On Patriotism
– William Wordsworth, ‘I grieved for Buonaparte’; ‘To Toussaint L’Ouverture’; ‘When I have borne in memory’; ‘To Thomas Clarkson’
– Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address

This promises to be a great opportunity for informal discussion, questions and thoughts to thrive; all are warmly encouraged to attend. Hope to see lots of you then!

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