Archive Spotlight: Visiting Dove Cottage, Town-End, Grasmere, in December 2021

By Jack Orchard

The COVID-19 pandemic lead to the temporary closure or restricted access to many of the archives and heritage sites we in the Romanticism community usually frequent for research or entertainment. In early 2022 things are gradually starting to open up again, but still many are understandably hesitant. With this in mind we at BARS have decided to expand the remit of our Archive Spotlight series to include more experiental reviews of heritage institutions, in addition to reports of archival research projects. If you would like to submit a piece for the Archive Spotlight series, or any of the other BARS Blog series’ please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, Jack Orchard, here

We are starting this series with a piece by Dr Lyn Dawes, on a visit to Dove Cottage in late 2019. Dr Lyn Dawes lives in Cockermouth and is an educational consultant in the field of children’s oracy. She writes books and articles for teachers with Oracy Cambridge and is currently interested in Writers’ House Museum reviews and poetry which responds to the environment, collected on her Blog.

Visiting Dove Cottage, Town-End, Grasmere, in December 2021

William Wordsworth 7th April 1770 – 23rd April 1850

When William, …read more