BARS Digital Events – Romantic Theatre Studies – State-of-the-Field and New Ways Forward

By Jack Orchard

For anybody who missed our BARS Digital Event, Romantic Theatre: State-of-the-Field and New Ways Forward – you can now catch up on the whole thing on the official BARS Youtube channel. The seminar built on the research and teaching experience of five speakers operating in four national contexts (Ireland, Italy, UK, USA) to draw a tentative map of the evolving domain of Theatre Studies from a transdisciplinary and multinational perspective. Each panellist presented their present and future engagement with Romantic Theatre Studies by way of their research projects and current scholarship. Among the topics discussed in this seminar: Theatre and Disability, Theatre Econom(etr)ics, Theatre and Celebrity, Theatre and Gender, Opening the Romantic Theatre Canon. Issues of pedagogy and stage revival were addressed as well, with Romantic Theatre in the classroom, on stage and in the canon. Two speakers shared their experience as major EU-funded awardees, addressing the call of/for public-facing humanities and Theatre Studies. Speakers included Sarah Burdett (The University of Warwick), Helen Dallas (University of Oxford), Essaka Joshua (The University of Notre Dame), David O’Shaughnessy (NUI Galway), Francesca Saggini (University of Edinburgh).

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