CFP: Transformative Times

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By Emily Paterson-Morgan

Online, interdisciplinary conference

12th and 13th September 2022

The long-eighteenth century was a time of continual transformation. In the two hundred years between 1650 and 1850, rapid urbanisation turned small rural communities into thriving city centres; the Industrial Revolution remade the concept of ‘work,’ and reimagined the notion of progress; serial Revolutions in France, Haiti, Ireland, Greece and across the North and South continents of America berthed new forms of political thought; new literary genres and forms developed and redeveloped; and scientific discoveries and medical advancements catapulted society towards an age of ‘Enlightenment.’

We welcome proposals from all disciplines concerning the long-eighteenth century (1650-1850) with relevance to the theme of ‘transformation.’ We particularly welcome proposals that engage with our brief in unexpected and creative ways. We will accept proposals for 20 minute papers for inclusion in a standard panel format, as well as pre-prepared panels of up to three 20 minute papers.

  • Revolution and political transformation.
  • Transness, queerness, gender, and sexuality.
  • Representations of transformation in literature of the long-eighteenth century.
  • Transformations of literary forms and genres.
  • Spatial transformations (e.g. urbanisation, enclosure, the 1707 Acts of Union, imperialism).
  • Social transformations (e.g. emergence of the middle-class).
  • Scientific discovery and technological advancement.
  • Transformations in fashion, art, and/or architecture.

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