Romanticism: online resources list

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By Anna Mercer

Given the reliance of so many Romanticism scholars on digital research throughout the pandemic, it felt like a good time to update this list of online resources from 2020.

This list is still not complete yet, and we aim to continue to develop the list as time goes on. You can therefore still send us further resources to add to the list: We are extremely grateful to Professor Francesca Saggini, who is responsible for the rich representation of Romantic Theatre resources here.

Please do let us know if we have missed anything!


Open University Openlearn
Free resources on Romanticism. An OpenLearn search by writer’s name (e.g. Byron, Shelley, De Quincey, Wordsworth, Hoffmann, Austen etc) will return plenty of hits. Search also by module code: specifically A207, AA316. Resources include images, audio, video, animations, BBC programmes and teaching materials including seminar-style and independent activities, all geared to undergraduate level.

Romantic Textualities
An online resource on ‘Teaching Romanticism’, in which contributors consider the ways in which we lecture on and discuss individual authors, whether during author-specific modules or broader period surveys.