CFP: ‘(Re) Imagining Value’: An Interdisciplinary Symposium

By Francesca Killoran

26 May 2023, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Keynote speakers: Professor Nicky Marsh (University of Southampton) and Professor Paul Crosthwaite (University of Edinburgh)

The Economic Humanities Network for the Newcastle University Humanities Research Institute (NUHRI) invites proposals for a one-day interdisciplinary symposium to be held on 26 May 2023.

The theme of the symposium investigates the role of value within the emerging field of economic humanities, which brings together researchers who identify a reciprocal relationship between the arts and social sciences. Recent scholarship within this field has interrogated the cultural metamorphosis through which economics was divested of the humanitarian concerns that were crucial to its Enlightenment origins, and became aligned with the ‘dismal’ pursuit of profit. By forging dialogues between literature, history, business studies, law, philosophy, politics and beyond, our network explores how economics shares with the humanities a view that individuals are motivated by desire, imagination and creativity, as well as considers how this perspective transforms how we understand value today. The symposium opens up discussions about what value means in an era driven by capitalism and post-pandemic recovery. We are particularly interested in the way that value measures what is ‘useful’, yet remains an enigma that evolves with the spirit of …read more