DHSI and the Four Zoas: Part 1

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By Laura Whitebell

In June, I went to the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) in Victoria, BC. I have a whole other post in my head about the ferry journey from Seattle to Victoria (beautiful!), the fish tacones at Red Fish Blue Fish (delicious!) and the nineteenth-century architecture of the city (magnificent!), but for now I’ll stick to the subject at hand: encoding the Four Zoas.

We’ve written a few posts already about our experiments with the Four Zoas, so if you need a recap go here or here.

DHSI is an annual convention that combines a week-long seminar with a series of workshops, lectures, and other events. I took a course called ‘Text Encoding Fundamentals and their Application’ led by Constance Crompton, Emily Murphy and Lee Zickel. The class covered the theory and practice of encoding electronic texts for the humanities. We were all asked to bring a project that we could practise our newly-developing skills on and so I took one of our high-resolution images of a page from the Four Zoas.

As you can see, Object 13 has been much less heavily revised than Object 3, the page that we’ve been focusing our initial encoding attempts on. However, it does have …read more

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