BARS/Wordsworth Trust Report, 08.04.24, by Rebecca Ferrier

By Rosie Whitcombe

My time in Grasmere as a BARS/Wordsworth Trust fellow was greatly rewarding. In regards to my PhD work, I found materials at the Trust which fed into my thesis and early manuscript draft, which I wrote a partial introduction to at the Jerwood Centre. As I am working towards a Creative Writing PhD, I found time for creative output, with two draft poems centred around Dorothy Wordsworth’s domestic life, and another draft erasure poem about her brother, John, using one of William Wordsworth’s ecclesiastical sonnets. From sitting in on a presentation with curator Melissa Mitchell, to hearing about Jessica Sneddon’s poetry activities in the café, there was much to enrich the soul and inspire both academic and creative work.

I enjoyed delving further into Wordsworth’s influences, especially in regard to early Christian history. I also began drafting a paper concerning the reinterpretation of one particular ecclesiastical-inspired poem by Wordsworth, which I hope to complete this year. Without my time at the Wordsworth Trust, I would not have accessed this information and been able to develop this particular approach.

During the Fellowship, I also found a need to reframe my own ideas around archival research and presenting ideas to a …read more