Wordsworth and the Peninsular War

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By dsaglia

Jonatan González’s post “Wordsworth and Spain: The Peninsular War Translated”, on the Wordsworth Trust website, dated 29 May 2015 and linked to the exhibition at Dove Cottage on “Wordsworth, War and Waterloo”, provides several fascinating insights into William Wordsworth’s passionate engagement with the guerra de la independencia.

Besides introducing Wordsworth’s sonnets on the Peninsular War and providing links to the full texts of the poems, González offers some general information on their translation into Spanish. In particular, he observes that: “The first translations into Spanish of the poetry of Wordsworth can be traced back to the late nineteenth century. Nonetheless, it was not until 1938, about half a century later, that the first translations of the poet’s work on the Peninsular War reached Spanish readers. That said, between 1938 and 2013 we can find in Spain five different published volumes, containing forty-nine original translations altogether of Wordsworth’s poems on the Spanish issue.”


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Source:: http://ahh.english.ucla.edu/blog/2015/11/22/wordsworth-and-the-peninsular-war/