Finding the Right Tool

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By glassgrant

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In my current work, I am assisting the Technical Editor in developing a Lightbox application for the website (in which we are moving from a Java to Javascript) and I often reflect on what the lines of code that I appropriate for the application actually do to the images. This blog post is a meditation on what it means to digitize. In the Oxford English Dictionary, digitization refers to the ‘action or process of digitizing the conversion of analogue data (esp. in later use images, video, and text) into digital form’ (OED Online, 2016). I think it is rather interesting that the word “process” is used, because it is a neutral term, which hides all of the editorial decisions that are sometimes behind the conversion of the analogue to digital. But what might be even more deceiving is when the software itself manipulates or mutates the data. An interesting example of this is a JQuery library that allows one to crop an image, but resizes the image when it is loaded into the canvas (see I was initially drawn to this library because it retains the metadata from the image when you crop or manipulate the image. However, …read more