Note from Daniel Cook on the extension of eligibility for the Copley Awards

By Matthew Sangster

Those of you who read the last post carefully will have noticed that this year we’ve opened up the Copley Awards to early career scholars as well as to postgraduates. One of our central concerns as an academic society has always been to promote early career research. Traditionally, the Stephen Copley Research Awards have been set aside for postgraduate students enrolled on doctoral programmes in the UK, largely because such students have been the most in need financially and because of the lack of other potential sources of support for those at an early stage in their archival researches. In recent years, though, BARS has received a number of speculative enquiries from postdoctoral scholars – both those employed on a funded projects and those without an affiliation – which have attested to the increasing difficulties and pressures faced by researchers who’ve completed their doctorates but who have not yet secured permanent jobs. As a result, this year we’ve decided to open up the bursary scheme to early career scholars as well as those currently enrolled on doctoral programmes. Careful fiscal planning in the last few years has put us in a position where we …read more