Finding Funding: Grant Writing for Undergrads

By Eric Loy

Marriage of Heaven and Hell

By Margaret Speer

Recently, Megan and I (the undergraduate Project Assistants to the Blake Archive at the University of Rochester) applied for Discover Grant funding to support our continued work this coming summer. Without funding, we really won’t be able to participate as much as we do during the fall and spring semesters—possibly not at all.

This is a relevant concern for undergraduates trying to be involved in research-based projects and internships. It seems like it’s a necessary experience to know what you’re doing (you get practical experience, academic immersion, networking potential, a line on your résumé or CV) and to get where you’re going (graduate school, further internships, potential jobs). But, if you’re an undergrad trying to make a dent in your tuition (maybe with an eye to master’s degree debt coming up) and you can’t afford a job that doesn’t pay, then it’s especially a catch-22.

Seeking research grant funding is an excellent way for undergraduates to resolve this problem. Most obviously, it materially facilitates the edifying and rewarding work that you want to be doing. Further, taking on the responsibility to make a coherent and convincing statement …read more