Two New Romanticism Blogs

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By Catherine Redford

There are some superb Romanticism blogs available on the web, and I thoroughly enjoy reading the latest news from a range of academics who are passionate about sharing their research. It’s great to read posts on authors and topics outside of my own areas of specialism, and to keep up to date with what’s going on in the Romantic studies community.

The problem with a lot of academic blogs is that they’re often written by a single researcher. This frequently results – and I know I’m guilty of this! – in blogs remaining stagnant for weeks or months at a time while various teaching and research commitments are met; it can also mean that that posts are rather narrow in focus.

Two new Romanticism blogs that seek to address these issues have recently launched: The Wordsworth Trust’s Claire Clairmont, by Amelia Curran

Written by a selection of big-name academics, early career researchers, and non-academic writers, these posts are invariably well-written and engaging. Sinéad Fitzgibbon describes the wonderful moment when P. B. Shelley, with youthful enthusiasm and zeal, threw his ‘Address to the Irish People’ from a window onto the heads of passers by during a visit to Dublin in 1812, while Andrew …read more