Index initiatives and my weasel words

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By Sarah Jones

Recently I updated the journal’s index to include links to articles published in the 1980s, which are now freely available in the Blake Archive‘s repository of Blake Quarterly back issues. The archive released these articles at the end of April; in the first part of the summer my colleagues in the archive team here at Rochester added the links to the index before I checked them and published the revised version. Of course the archive has since released issues from the 1960s (at my behest, so I have no one to blame but myself), which means that the task of adding links for their contents now lurks on my to-do list.

The journal’s index, which I maintain in my capacity as the managing editor, is organized differently from the archive’s index of the journal’s contents, which is maintained by Adam McCune and his team at UNC Chapel Hill. The archive divides the contents into multiple categories that appear in the journal (Articles, Corrections, Discussion, Minute Particulars, Reviews, etc.), whereas as I have just two (Articles, that is, pretty much everything that’s not a review, and Reviews). I’ve pondered which …read more