Mary Shelley’s Works and their European Reception – Université de Lorraine, Nancy, Friday September 30th

By Matthew Sangster

Please see below for details of a workshop on the European reception of Mary Shelley taking place this Friday in Nancy. Many thanks to Antonella Braida for bringing this to our attention.
Project : ‘Anglophone/European Identity(ies): Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Dynamics’, (IDEA)(TELL)
Université de Lorraine, Nancy
Mary Shelley’s Works and their
European Reception II:
Workshop in Honour of Jean de Palacio

Friday 30 September 2016

Campus Lettres et Sciences Humaines, Nancy

Bâtiment A, salle A 005
14.00 Antonella Braida, Université de Lorraine.
Introduction : Mary Shelley and interdisciplinarity today.
14.15 – 15.15 Monsieur le Professeur Jean de Palacio, La Sorbonne.
Jean de Palacio will discuss the research that he undertook on Mary Shelley and her circle. His volume Mary Shelley dans son œuvre is remarkable since it was one of the first European publications on Mary Shelley and for its in-depth use of the manuscripts that were housed by Lord Abinger. His talk will illustrate his own comparative and interdisciplinary approach, which emphasized the European inspiration and breadth of Mary Shelley’s works.
15.15 Professor Michael Rossington, Newcastle University.
Michael Rossington, in his role as general editor of the final two volume of the Longman …read more